White Skirt Wednesday: Marbles (and losing them)


It’s a very rainy day. The promo and press for Julie Fuchs’ “Mademoiselle” album will make you forget about it for a good long while, though. Especially if you didn’t make it to Zurich’s current “Turco in Italia” (last show tonight).

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Sound and Clouds and Thunder (12)

[Still a better candidate for Secretary of Education than the one who got confirmed: the Allegory of Madness, La Folie, from Rameau’s “Platée”, as called upon by Emmanuelle Haïm and Patricia Petibon, Paris/TCE 2011]

Current pastime amusement:  drawing up history book entries of the future about this (optimistically assuming people will still be literate then, and it won’t be thanks to those who confirmed this disgrace to sentient ambling across the surface of this battered planet).

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Handel With Flair: Emmanuelle Haïm conducts the Vienna Philharmonic


[Making history, making good music: sometimes that is one and the same thing. Emmanuelle Haïm conducting the Vienna Philharmonic – Vienna (Theater an der Wien) 2016]

While this concert (and its Lucerne premiere) were promoted as “only the third woman in history to conduct the Vienna Philharmonic!” my own motivation went more along the lines of “Haïm is conducting! Fine, I’ll also go if she is not directing Le Concert d’Astrée”.

What is more of a novelty,  a woman conducting the Vienna Philharmonic, or an Early Music conductor working with the Vienna Philharmonic, on Handel?

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