…and today in “just how gay is Donizetti’s Maria Stuarda“?

Loy/Rittershaus White Shirt levels: clearly set to stun.

(I have no idea what is going on here, but far be it from me to protest.)

#balancetongiovanni: Rebellion or Rape Culture?


Yes, I should know better than to read a feature interview with a baritone starring as Don Giovanni at Wiener Staatsoper, of all places. Much less get myself worked up over it. But as usual, I couldn’t help myself because I needed to digest and document this somehow.

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Sound and Clouds and Thunder (29)


[“Se ben mai non mi vide” from Cavalli’s “La Doriclea” sung by Anne Sofie von Otter, featuring La Cappella Mediterranea. – Clip with thanks to Emily BrontĂ«]

That state were privileged people break the law and it is public knowledge and yet there are no consequences because slightly lesser privileged people hope to cash in on the the wave of ‘me first/me, too/and it doesn’t hurt me personally, so what’?

Still happening. A lot.

Still not normal.

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Pur ti stringo: a cross-cast detox

[Have you had enough hipster beards and enough cis-cast soup in your opera for today? Fear not, Early Music is coming to your rescue. – Mariana Flores & Giuseppina Bridelli vocally reenacting the First Abduction of Helen of Troy (no Paris here yet, just Menelao. In drag. It’s Cavalli. It’s complicated.) Also aboard: the Cappella Mediterranea and Leonardo GarcĂ­a AlarcĂłn]

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