A 3/4 Million – Celebratory Search Terms

750,000 hits!

Another landmark for this blog, and time for another Search Terms edition, from the common to the obscure.

The most popular posts remain “Jonas Kaufmann gay?” (no, he isn’t), and “Malena Ernman muscle” (yes, the lady’s got guns), followed by the the Friday Night Conversation of Pepa & Silvia of Spain’s “Los hombres de Paco” – namely: “actresses real name”, “Pepa Silvia together in real life”, “Silvia dead in real life” and “what happen to Pepa after Silvia dies”.

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20.000 hits – some more statistics

Dear readers and visitors, thanks for your continued interest – this blog just passed the 20,000 hits mark. Once more, it’s time to take a look at your interests and see how I can cover them in the future.

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10.000 hits – and Statistics 101

During my absence, this blog hit the 10,000 views mark – time to say thank you to you all, dear readers and visitors, for your interest (or accidental stumble, as it may be), your frequent stops by this page and your comments.

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