White Shirt Monday: High Five

[We spoke of that one thing that happened five years ago. Now let us talk about that other thing that happened five years ago. – Myrtò Papatanasiu (Sifare) in Mozart’s “Mitridate, rè di Ponto”, Paris/TCE 2016]

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White Shirt Monday: Murder She Fioritured

[Two mezzo dudes who couldn’t plot their way out of a paper bag, and a soprano who brings the murder plot: this is one Jane Austen novel I would read. – Stephanie d’Oustrac (Sesto), Lidia Vinyes-Curtis (Annio) and Myrtò Papatanasiu (Vitellia) in Mozart’s “La clemenza di Tito”, Barcelona 2020.]

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Rosenkavaliering tonight

Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-06 um 18.10.47.png

On tonight at 8.15 p.m., UTC+1: Kasper Holten, Renée Fleming and Margaret Reynolds (Yes, that Margaret Reynolds. – Quick, you have two more hours to read “Ruggerio’s Deceptions, Cherubino’s Distractions”) talk about the new “Rosenkavalier” at ROH. The livestream will be accessible here.

(in a cumbersome twist of fate, I will be held up at another event and will not be able to watch, so please let me know what transpires, or if this might make it to YT on demand)


Dec. 1st! – World Aids Day

[Teresa Iervolino with “Nacqui al’affanno” from Rossini’s “Cenerentola”, Berlin  2016 – Clip framed and provided by Oberfranke]

It’s December 1st, which means I finally get to post clips from the Aids Gala Berlin (which already took place on Nov. 5th, but who’s counting) as a virtual red ribbon to commemorate the day.

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Liveblogging: Verdi’s “Traviata” from Rennes (2013)


[“So… is she going to die tonight, too? Should we have brought more liquor to battle the romanticised lady-bashing? Oh dear.”
“So what, bring it on. Bring it on. My body is ready.”
“I don’t care, pass me the champagne. – Someone did remember to pack the tissues, right?”
The White Shirts, preparing for a casual Sunday night with the ladies of the Choeur de l’Opéra de Rennes, in Verdi’s “La Traviata”, Rennes 2013.]

While Myrtò Papatanasiu will be starring in “Traviata” in Athens this weekend, we will hold a corresponding event with the 2013 broadcast of “Traviata” from Opéra de Rennes (also starring Papatanasiu because of course) this Sunday, Nov. 20th, at 9 p.m. (UTC+1).

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