A 3/4 Million – Celebratory Search Terms

750,000 hits!

Another landmark for this blog, and time for another Search Terms edition, from the common to the obscure.

The most popular posts remain “Jonas Kaufmann gay?” (no, he isn’t), and “Malena Ernman muscle” (yes, the lady’s got guns), followed by the the Friday Night Conversation of Pepa & Silvia of Spain’s “Los hombres de Paco” – namely: “actresses real name”, “Pepa Silvia together in real life”, “Silvia dead in real life” and “what happen to Pepa after Silvia dies”.

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Friday Night Conversation: Maca & Esther – the end of an era

[clip with thanks to LAPEPSILHDP]

This past Wednesday, an era came to a close: After more than 18 seasons, actress Fátima Baeza and her character Esther left the trainwreck Spanish TV show “Hospital Central” (at this point, I will not get into the ridiculous plotline that had her leave without her wife, Maca, and without their three children).

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“Small Steps”: Emergency Posting Chapter 165

Since mi@ is not letting me post my formatted update tonight, here’s stepecito 165 as an emergency update for all “Small Steps” readers. I’ll add this chapter at the usual place as soon as the &$$§%$&&&/!!!”§$!!! html-Editor at mi@ works again and refrains from further crashing my browser. Sorry for the inconveniences, dear tanguer@s!



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“Small Steps” reader service: screening No. 158

Since I am – again – out of town and offline this weekend, I’m posting the next stepecito here as a preview. It will be added at the usual place (that doesn’t allow to post with time delay!) once get I back from my trip on Monday.

Meanwhile, for those who would like to know it advance, here is stepecito 158.

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