Blog Restoration – Done! (mostly)

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The blog restoration – caused by F*ckbucket changing their 3rd party hosting policy earler this summer – has now been largely finished (I have stopped counting the hours I’ve had to put into it), including the picture-heavy comment thread of Mitriversary The First (I am already looking forward to the second). And these photos above aren’t even a fifth of the caps involved in that thread.

There are only bits and pieces missing now in photo links, mostly the occasional screencap in a comment. You’re welcome to point any such incidents out to me, and I will fix them.

I have also repaired the entirety of the cap-heavy Marina/Esther posts, including the episode screenshot collections and the Against The Withdrawals “fotonovelas”. Turns out that with the layout change, the caps are now twice the size for your perusal in displaying.

Happy (and hopefully unperturbed) reading!



Velvet Coat going Varsity (plus some thoughts on “Io e Lei”)

vc varsity.png

Not really dealing down the level of gay here, Jane Dean. – Alessia Barela in “Io e Lei”.

Should you watch this movie? That depends. (extensive spoilers after the cut)

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A 3/4 Million – Celebratory Search Terms

750,000 hits!

Another landmark for this blog, and time for another Search Terms edition, from the common to the obscure.

The most popular posts remain “Jonas Kaufmann gay?” (no, he isn’t), and “Malena Ernman muscle” (yes, the lady’s got guns), followed by the the Friday Night Conversation of Pepa & Silvia of Spain’s “Los hombres de Paco” – namely: “actresses real name”, “Pepa Silvia together in real life”, “Silvia dead in real life” and “what happen to Pepa after Silvia dies”.

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The Writing Desk: a work in progress

For all those of you who stop by here because of the fiction (and not because of the opera or the recipes), I’ve tried to make things a little easier and opened a new section called “The Writing Desk”.

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