White Shirt Monday: Chain Reaction

[Please cue all possible Prince Valiant/Chain a soprano to this/”You’ve Got Chainmail and it sings better than the tenor, among other things” summer quips and chill the Côtes du Provence rosé while you contemplate the reasons for this smirk: Daniela Pini (Isolier) in Rossini’s “Le Comte Ory”, Malmö 2015 PS. That shirt collar detail, bring me the ice bucket]

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“il est toujours bon, sur ma foi, / d’avoir les femmes avec soi”

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Opera’s Eight

So apparently Francesca Ascioti runs her own Early Music band, called Enea Barock Orchestra, and apparently they played a fundraiser to fight violence against women last night (in Rome), called Donne all’Opera, which will be aired in April on both Rai5 and on the YT channel of Enea Barock Orchestra. – featuring: Vivica Genaux, Anna Bonitatibus, Patrizia Ciofi, Francesca Ascioti, Carmela Remigio and Paula Valentina Molinari. – Photo Credit: Enea Barock Orchestra]

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White Skirt Wednesday: Therapy

[Please explain these staging ~choices~ to me in straight terms. On second thought, please do not explain anything to me in straight terms, just be gay and merry, and please carry on. – Antoinette Dennefeld and Jodie Devos in “Offenbach Thérapie” with Orchestre Symphonique de Mulhouse and Marc Minkowski, staged by Romain Gilbert, Mulhouse 2020.]

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White Skirt Wednesday: You Can’t Pray Away…

[Gal Pals sharing a jewelry box and fond glances, or: The #1 reason Thibault will never really have a chance with Eboli, and also the #1 reason Thibault can 100% relate to Eboli. – Malin Byström (Elisabeth) and Eve-Maud Hubeaux (Eboli) in Verdi’s “Don Carlos”, Vienna/Staatsoper 2020]

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Invisible Lesbians (Opera Edition)

[Time for some queer tango? – Patricia Petibon (Giulietta) and Michèle Losier (Nicklausse) in Offenbach’s “Les contes d’Hoffmann” Brussels/La Monnaie 2019]

In honor of Lesbian Visibility Week, here are some operatic lesbians you probably never considered as lesbians, despite all this evidence:

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