Resonating: Handel’s “Lucio Cornelio Silla” at Konzerthaus Wien

To close out January, I managed to catch the final concert of this year’s “Resonanzen” (the Early Music festival  at Konzerthaus Wien). Others do ball season at this time of year, I do Baroque. On the menu: “Lucio Cornelio Silla”, a Handel I was not familiar with. I initially booked it (and thanks again to Agathe for pointing it out to me) for Biondi and L’Europa Galante, but the cast was plenty swoon-inducing: Sonia Prina! Vivica Genaux! Roberta Invernizzi!

The evening is, as I write this, still available as stream-on-demand over at OE1. Get it while you can (though it does not quite capture the live atmosphere), and don’t miss the introduction that tries to find five different polite ways in describing the volatile womanizing character of Silla (Prina) as “trying to approach *cough* this and that lady”. It also loses the gender overview when it comes to the female-studded cast: “As Claudia, Martina Belli. Oh, sorry, that should be Claudio, Martina Belli.” (I would have accepted ‘Claudia’, too. Wouldn’t we all.)

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Watteau, gaily: Vivaldi’s “Juditha triumphans” at Theater an der Wien

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[Curtain Call for Vivaldi’s “Juditha Triumphans” at Theater an der Wien, Jan 25th 2017: Hilary Summers, Gaia Petrone, Marianne Beate Kielland, Julia Doyle, Emilie Renard, Robert King, Choir of The King’s Consort, The King’s Consort]

Do you know  the Twitter account that pairs every word in the dictionary with ‘gay’?
For reviewing this “Juditha Triumphans”, it was either posting that, or writing an actual review out of my notes. I’ve decided to go with option two, though I am not sure you will be able to tell the difference.

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Lucio Cornelio Silla (6)

For what it’s worth… and knowing it will take *some people* among us about 0.02 seconds to identify the contralto.

An evening to remember – dream cast and unknown Handel. The second act duet is to die for (Genaux/Invernizzi), Prina’s presence is nothing if not stunning, Belli a nice discovery (and in a nice suit, too)… Review to follow, as soon as I finish the Juditha one.

Cornelio Lucio Silla (5)

Prina’s Silla trying to seduce all the ladies backed up by lute and recorder and getting none: not very realistic. (we would have had  to carry Agathe off the stage, I guess – so very good!) I strongly oppose all toxic masculinity except perhaps when sung by Prina?!

Genaux & Invernizzi duetting are pure sonic bliss. *sigh*

The hall is micced to the teeth, I hope that means radio broadcast or CD release. Pretty please, Gods of Baroque!

Act 2 was musically even better than Act 1. Now into the final 3rd…

Lucio Cornelio Silla (3)

…and I thought on Wednesday night that my week couldn’t get any gayer. Well.

That was before Sonia Prina swaggered onto the stage in cleavage, faux hawk and war paint and declared the Coloratura Games  open.

Genaux is winning gold so far, Invernizzi rings all the bells, and there is a tall, dark and handsome Junior White Shirt (Belli) with trumpet fanfares.