Alcina II

Dehggi, you were saying about the White Shirt Balloon…?

(Very few photos, in any case, and barely any marketing. Nothing on the (snooze fest) official media, either. Which, fine, the house may not need this to sell it, but do promote your people, Wiener Staatsoper – most of this evening is house personnel. Also, do promote your star guest. Because of reasons.)

The 2016 Vienna “Alcina” Liveblog

On my way, in the Metro. Debating whether I should whistle “Finally”, “At Last” or West Side Story’s “Tonight”, but what I actually have stuck in my head is “Vorrei vendicarmi”. Perhaps not the most fitting tune.

(This will be a series of increasingly incoherent short entries to let thadieu and everyone interested share the evening)

Matters of the Heart

[Anja Harteros, “Ah, mio cor” – Handel’s “Alcina”, Vienna 2010. Clip with thanks to musicalpunchlines’s channel]

It’s 3 p.m., and I’m still at the office, looking out into a decidedly gray afternoon. Yet in less than three hours, I’ll already be at the opera and will probably pinch myself and wonder how I got to be so lucky: The 2016 Vienna “Alcina” is finally upon us.

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Spare Ticket, “Alcina”, Vienna, Oct. 20th


Look! New wallpaper!

On the not so bright side (and related to said wallpapering), Dr. T’s and my plans to attend the “Alcina” series at Wiener Staatsoper as of tomorrow night has run into an unforeseen obstacle, which means we have a spare ticket to give away.

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