Livestream Alert: Bonitatibus‘ „Agrippina“ from Grange tonight!


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Production Alert: Diana Haller in “Adalgisa – The Opera”

Stop the clocks.

This is not a fan-made Pride Month stunt, this is the official poster for the Rijeka “Norma” production slated to open on Monday (put the link through Google translate, the introduction paragraph – female agency, single parenthood and colonialist power – is worth it), starring Diana Haller as Adalgisa and Daria Masiero/Kristina Kolar as Norma.

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Cleanliness stands next to Godliness?

So the Bieito “Poppea” in Zurich is happening as of June 24th, and in case you aren’t swayed by the bubble bath with three allegories, just let me point out that it has Julie Fuchs as Poppea and Delphine Galou as Ottone. And Stéphanie d’Oustrac as Ottavia.