Review: Suds on Speed. „La finta giardiniera“ in Zurich


[Curtain Call: Adrian Timpau (Nardo), Rebeca Olvera (Serpetta), Kenneth Tarver (Il Podestà), Margarita Gritskova (Ramiro), Myrtò Papatanasiu (Arminda), Mauro Peter (Belfiore) and Rosa Feola (Sandrina). Also, a whole lot of foam. – Feb 24th, 2019, Opera Zurich]

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Salzburg, Seneca Style

So you find yourself at Salzburg Festival, but but you’re actually here for the music (and you’re also a little full of youself, and you’re ostentatiously cultivated with a capital C since your distinguishing feature is education, since it is definitely not money, but you don’t like to get called out on that)?
You’re also a philosopher, or at least a professor of philosophy (or you think you should be) and you abhor superficial crowds with bling (especially if they actually have the money you don’t own)?
You love cities with a history, and you love panoramic sights, but please without other people, or anything else that might interfere with your ideal of Petrarchian solitude on a lofty mountaintop?

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Okay, White Shirts.

Proposal: more mezzo/contralto concert travels, more excursions to obscure Italian/French/etc… festivals, more traveling to places of “Can I even rent a car around there?”/”Is there even a train station?” to champion excellent singing.

Ariodante Remix: JDD => Coote

So it seems our White Shirt “Ariodante” cheering line for May needs some adjustments, since DiDonato just announced that she will not be doing the European part of the upcoming “Ariodante” tour (but the North-American part: yes).

Our stops in London, Vienna, Hamburg and Paris will, however, get the chance to hear Alice Coote instead, which can in no way be called bad news. So while I am sad I will not get to hear DiDonato with this, I am thrilled I will finally get to hear Coote’s live take, on the heels of her CAC run in the same role this past winter.

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