Release Alert: Bartoli, Castrati Reloaded

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White Shirt Monday: 3’49

[Vaccai, more like Vaggay: Don’t you just love it when the opera starts, and at 3’49, you already have the mezzo and the soprano kissing? – Leonor Bonilla (Giulietta) and Raffaella Lupinacci (Romeo) in Vaccai’s “Giulietta e Romeo”, at Festival Valle d’Itria/Martina Franca 2018.]

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White Skirt Wednesday: Marbles (and losing them)


It’s a very rainy day. The promo and press for Julie Fuchs’ “Mademoiselle” album will make you forget about it for a good long while, though. Especially if you didn’t make it to Zurich’s current “Turco in Italia” (last show tonight).

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