Sound and Clouds and Thunder (148)

[Roberta Mameli (Aci) and Sonia Prina (Galatea), singing “Dolce…/Caro…” from Handel, “Aci, Galatea e Polifemo”, with Ruben Jais and LaBarocca. Enescu Festival Bucharest, 2019. – Clip with thanks to thadieu]

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White Shirt Monday: On the Bus

[Rare footage of the White Shirt Travel Bus! – As we have now figured out, it is conducted by Roberta Mameli and just stopped in Venice this winter. – Roberta Mameli (Aminta) and  Elisabeth Breuer (Elisa) in Mozart’s “Il rè pastore”, Venice/Fenice 2019. – Photo Credit: Michele Crosera]

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