September Song

Anne Sofie von Otter with Fabian Fredriksson, presenting “Min Musik”, Ytterjärna 2020. – Clip with thanks to Järna Festival Academy.

And it is September.

I didn‘t even get to post the von Otter “Haugtussa” this year, so instead, here is Anne Sofie von Otter at Kulturhuset Ytterjärna’s “Järna Summer Festival” in 2020, talking about her career and favorite musics, and singing songs from “Country Road” to “Come Again”.

It is an hour of understated ease and poise that leaves one in a state of (tentatively hopeful) serenity, and with the uniquely von Otteresque conviction that there is a North, and things still align themselves to it.

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“il est toujours bon, sur ma foi, / d’avoir les femmes avec soi”

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White Shirt Monday: Glitter and Be (Very) Gay

[- just please don’t the try the homicidial maniac thing at home. The golden hair glitter is fine, though. Also: overcoats. – Kate Lindsey (Nerone) and Slávka Zámečníková (Poppea) in Monteverdi’s “L’incoronazione di Poppea”, Vienna/Staatsoper 2021]

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