Sound and Clouds And Thunder (5)

[You know what is missing from much of political debate at the moment? Well, debate, for one. (One side screaming fake news while the other rolls their eyes at them does not constitute a debate). – But also: Nuance. And vulnerability in a sense of openness, quiet moments, and an appreciation for the smallest detail. And the ability to listen for it, to hear it. Thankfully, none of these are absent with Iestyn Davies and Thomas Dunford in this selection of Dowland songs, recorded at Wigmore Hall in 2013. – Clip with thanks to sergio lirico]

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Sound and Clouds and Thunder (4)

[‘Tis the season for Messiah, falalalalalalalala.
Okay, so the Offshot Savior/Leader Narrative is possibly what got us into this mess in the first place, but Sara Mingardo envisioning fire in streaming warmth that never veers into ideological barking is a sound to behold and politically responsible. – The clip with thanks to lalagonegaga]

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Sound and Clouds and Thunder (3)

[Current mood: Vivica Genaux. – clip with thank to Chaîne de wienerfr]

If you need a soundtrack for Strutting With Purpose While Fuming In Rightful Indignation, look no further (and if you need a reason to get to that state, just spend five minutes on Twitter over cabinet nominations in the U.S. or intimidation during vote recounts or the many conflicts of interest that, even though called out, get the Cassandra treatment).

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Sound and Clouds And Thunder (2)

[Clearly I’m still under the impression of “Morgen” at the In War and Peace concert last week, with the image of the sun coming out yet again, eventually. But I’ve gone full Baroque and moved that image for, 20th century Strauss to early 18th century Vivaldi: “Sovvente il sole” from Vivaldi’s “Andromeda liberata”, perhaps best descibed as a collaborative art project because quite a few others had a hand in it, too. Aria sung here by Nathalie Stutzmann, accompanied by her own Orfeo 55. 10/10 on the peace-inducing scale.  – Clip with thanks to Jeffrey Stivers]

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Sound and Clouds and Thunder

[Just to prove that everything is better with mezzos (also: The Hair!): “Son nata a lagrimar” from Handel’s “Giulio Cesare” with Jamie Barton (Cornelia) and Joyce DiDonato (Sesto), Tucker Gala 2016. – Clip with thanks to dragan1412]

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