Quarantine, Week 8

[Quarantine goals: entering the Zoom conference call in nothing but an artful bedsheet wrap and with the arm workout results on display, in a confident slalom through the leftover bottles of the night before. Role model: Stéphanie d’Oustrac (Nicklausse/The Muse) in Offenbach’s “Les contes d’Hoffmann”, Paris/Bastille 2016]

White Shirt Monday: Murder She Fioritured

[Two mezzo dudes who couldn’t plot their way out of a paper bag, and a soprano who brings the murder plot: this is one Jane Austen novel I would read. – Stephanie d’Oustrac (Sesto), Lidia Vinyes-Curtis (Annio) and Myrtò Papatanasiu (Vitellia) in Mozart’s “La clemenza di Tito”, Barcelona 2020.]

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#LaClemenzaLiceu (this is now a hashtag)

Dear Lord, there’s more.

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Galentine’s. Sort of.

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