Video Alert: “Norma”, Orange 1974

ARTE Concert is really bringing out the firewoks for Lockdown #3 (or is it #4 already? I have lost count): until Feb 8th, the 1974 “Norma” from Orange, aka The Best Night Of Montserrat Caballé’s Singing Life (and that is including the legendary “Don Carlos” finale at the Met) is available as stream on demand here (geoblocking may apply).

The Turin 2017 “Incoronazione di Dario” Liveblogging Thread


Welcome to the White Shirt live comment thread for Vivaldi’s “Incoronazione di Dario” from Turin (2017), with Ottavio Dantone conducting and staged by Leo Muscato.

Cast List:
Statira – Sara Mingardo
Argene – Delphine Galou
Dario – Carlo Allemano
Niceno – Riccardo Novaro
Alinda – Roberta Mameli
Oronte – Lucia Cirillo
Arpago – Veronica Cangemi
Flora – Romina Tomasoni
Ghost of Ciro & Oracle of Apollo – Cullen Gandy

Libretto: no such luck, but subtitles on the official DVD! (which is the only source for now; no online availability yet)