White Skirt Wednesday: Therapy

[Please explain these staging ~choices~ to me in straight terms. On second thought, please do not explain anything to me in straight terms, just be gay and merry, and please carry on. – Antoinette Dennefeld and Jodie Devos in “Offenbach Thérapie” with Orchestre Symphonique de Mulhouse and Marc Minkowski, staged by Romain Gilbert, Mulhouse 2020.]

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Video Alert: “Norma”, Orange 1974

ARTE Concert is really bringing out the firewoks for Lockdown #3 (or is it #4 already? I have lost count): until Feb 8th, the 1974 “Norma” from Orange, aka The Best Night Of Montserrat Caballé’s Singing Life (and that is including the legendary “Don Carlos” finale at the Met) is available as stream on demand here (geoblocking may apply).

Video Alert: “Rosenkavalier” Livestream today (Dec. 18th, 2020)

Starting at 6 p.m. Vienna time (noon New York time), Vienna State Opera will air a “Rosenkavalier”, played – theatre closures be damned – live to an empty hall.

Live opera (and paid singers, imagine *that*) in this 2020 pandemic hellmouth concert darth!

You’ll need a (free) account, and should able to access the stream internationally, also free of charge.

(huge thanks to Staatsoper for making this happen, and making it accessible, too).

Video Alert: “Maestra”

– Just found out that ARTE has the entire MAESTRA competition available as stream on demand, from pre-rounds to finals.

So – apart from a change to witness some great TNG music-making – if seeing women in charge at the helm of an orchestra is a sight you have been starved for for most of your life: this one is for you.