Vintage Vibes: Ye Olde Grammophone, III








[Welcome to another Vintage Vibes edition! And since there is hardly anything better than starting your weekend with some mezzo lore (except for ‘some mezzo lore and coffee‘), how about some vintage Magdalena Kožená? – Check below for the full portrait, as well as for some Kirchschlager, Lott, Flagstad and Sutherland. – Kožená in portrait, Grammophone 09/06, p. 49]

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Vintage Vibes: Ye Olde Grammophone, II

AN_Grmmphn 11_06.png

[This is probably the only Netrebko photo I will ever post. It is possibly also the only time Netrebko has ever worn a white shirt. – My vintage Grammophone reading continues with issue 11/2006, p. 113 (for Renée Fleming without a white shirt, check below the cut]

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Vintage Vibes: Ye Olde Grammophone


[clearly missing her belt buckle (see below), or a proper stage: Anna Caterina Antonacci 2006, photographed for Grammophone, no. 05/2006, p. 20. – Photo Credit: Sheila Rock/Grammophone]

One of the local public library branches has been tossing – since the decade has passed – their entire 2006 volume of Grammophone in all its entitled glory (the magazine’s, not the libary’s).

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