White Skirt Wednesday: Therapy

[Please explain these staging ~choices~ to me in straight terms. On second thought, please do not explain anything to me in straight terms, just be gay and merry, and please carry on. – Antoinette Dennefeld and Jodie Devos in “Offenbach Thérapie” with Orchestre Symphonique de Mulhouse and Marc Minkowski, staged by Romain Gilbert, Mulhouse 2020.]

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White Skirt Wednesday: You Can’t Pray Away…

[Gal Pals sharing a jewelry box and fond glances, or: The #1 reason Thibault will never really have a chance with Eboli, and also the #1 reason Thibault can 100% relate to Eboli. – Malin Byström (Elisabeth) and Eve-Maud Hubeaux (Eboli) in Verdi’s “Don Carlos”, Vienna/Staatsoper 2020]

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White Skirt Wednesday: In The Unlikeliest Of Places (there’s more of them)


[Absolutely the better setting for any final tenor/soprano love duet: the soprano having a change of heart and kneeling down next to the other soprano instead (if there even is another soprano. This will not work for “Parsifal”. Or “I masnadieri”). – Irène Theorin (Turandot) and Ermonela Jaho (Liù) in Puccini’s “Turandot”, Barcelona 2019.]

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