White Shirt Monday: High Five

[We spoke of that one thing that happened five years ago. Now let us talk about that other thing that happened five years ago. – Myrtò Papatanasiu (Sifare) in Mozart’s “Mitridate, rè di Ponto”, Paris/TCE 2016]

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White Shirt Monday: Line-Up

[This month, it has been five years since this (and five years and three months since the other one) and I have not forgotten about it. – Lenneke Ruiten (Aspasia), Myrtò Papatanasiu (Sifare) and Simona Šaturová (Ismene) in Mozart’s “Mitridate, ré di Ponto”, Brussels 2016.]

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White Shirt Monday: The Original Sea Shanty

[That song that the tenor sings about being a sailor, and the one who knows that it is all about is the soprano in trousers? – Kathleen Battle (Oscar) in her San Francisco house debut in Verdi’s “Un ballo in maschera”, San Francisco 1977. – Photo Credit: San Francisco Opera House/photographer not named on website; this photo was part of the 2018 Black History Month postings]

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