From The Writing Desk: Status Update and a chance to brush up your f/f Spanish


The only thing I need is time. – Why aren’t there 30-hour-days?!

These days, all I seem to publish is non-fiction (the Ph.D. is finally being released in print, two articles are in galley proof review and fourteen pieces (yes, fourteen) of varying length are lined up until summer. If you think about that I’m not getting paid for any of them and that, in fact, for the Ph.D. publishing, I had to pay on my own, that’s a lot of non-fiction writing frustration.

So, back to fiction. I’m still working on the general overhauls of both “Small Steps” and “Campus” – these days, it’s mostly “Campus”. After having gone through a Ph.D. process myself in the meantime (something I never thought I would do when outlining “Campus”), I need to adjust a few facts in the story – basically a lot of administrative references that hopefully nobody will pay attention to, but I want everything to check out.

Last week I was on a retreat of sorts (hence the lack of posts) and as soon as I settled into a rhythm away from daily academic demands, threads of fiction started to form a spiderweb in my brain, filling in the gaps bit by bit. I’m only a week of long walks away from a complete storyboard for a little J/7 tribute Über fun – the “Killing Game” scenario I mentioned last autumn is refusing to leave me alone. It’s nothing that could go towards publication and will take away editing time instead, which is why I am still hesitant about it, but on the other side, my inner little fiction writer is desperate for some playtime, at least for a little while.

I’m still trying to figure out a way of being able to write and post under sharp time constraints, perhaps again a weekly Friday format. I won’t start until I am a 100% sure that I can see it through, as with all my work that I start to post in parts.

Under these circumstances, it won’t be a novel, just some little finger exercise to prevent turning completely rusty. Also, I need something to keep my spirits up in between the fourteen pieces mentioned above. And perhaps this way I’ll figure out how to organize time windows sufficient for a longer story. There’s still a complete novel plot catching dust in the nightstand drawer, after all.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to see my old writing colleague from the golden Maca/Esther days, Sam Baires, going forward and self-publishing some of her works via amazon.

Her work and her blog, where she posted a handy how-to guide to amazon’s self-publishing portal, are in Spanish, so if you’ve been meaning to brush up on your Spanish to follow lesbian storylines on Spanish TV shows via Youtube, but didn’t know where to turn for some lesbian romance fiction to do so, check it out. Today, Sam’s novel “La dama del perro” is available for gratis download via amazon and she also edited an old Maca/Esther plot favorite of mine, the historical romance “Un camino sin retorno” into an independent 19th century romance novel set in Andalusia – if you’re suffering from “Tierra de Lobos” withdrawal, this might just tide you over until the 3rd season kicks off.

Oh, and if you know of anything like this in Italian – fan fiction or commercial e-book – please leave a link in the comments. I’ve been wanting to read some decent Italian lesbian romance for a long time and since there are long hours of waiting in the German administrative system in my immediate future, I might just as well try to enjoy them by reading (when I’m not busy scribbling down plot notes and working on the storyboard for that Killing Game Über, that is).


5 thoughts on “From The Writing Desk: Status Update and a chance to brush up your f/f Spanish”

  1. Thanks for this update. I am looking forward to any fiction you post here and wish you the best on your PhD.


  2. Having just gotten back into Maca/Esther & HC again, I was looking for “Small Steps”. I remembered reading it a few years ago but couldn’t find it. Glad to know you’ve been working on it again. I also LOVED “Jungle Fever” – and that I still have, and just finished rereading it.

    Looking forward to your next update. 😀


    1. thank you! -I am just reading your post on HC and feeling like getting out my best of M/E DVD collection and staying up all night! 😉


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