White Shirt Monday: Flower Delivery

[On the Street Where You Live Tobias Kratzer clearly said Trans Rights: Michèle Losier (Siebel) in Tobias Kratzer’s new staging of Gounod’s “Faust”, Paris/Opéra Bastille 2021]

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Post-Doc Notes: Faking It?

postdocnotes_cLast night, news broke that German Secretary of Research & Education, Annette Schavan, is about to have her Ph.D. title revoked on accounts of plagiarism. The accusations first started 9 months ago, still in the maelstrom of government colleague zu Guttenberg (Secretary of Defense) having to step down from his post due to a completely plagiarized Ph.D.

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Ph.D. Madness: Postscriptum

So – after over a month – the aide of the secretary of the Dean finally called (yes, you can see waht kind of priority Ph.D. diplomas have around here. But she was much nicer than the other two, and seemed much smarter, too, so I was content with that).

She asked whether I’d like to pick up my diploma at the office. Or whether they should just mail it over.

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