“Alcina” countdown: 6 days to go!


(More or less what I am planning to do with my late October.)

Also, this:


In less that a week, the Early Music Staatsoper Double Bill will set in (an occurrence possibly unheard (of) in those halls, as in “9 nights of Gluck and Handel within 2 weeks”). So there will likely be coverage and lots of exciting squealing as my alter ego Martha will be out on the town repeatedly, and in the dear company of Opera Traveller Extraordinaire Dr. T. at that.

While I will try to channel the gist of it through Twitter,  I don’t think the blog will escape unscathed, so just to give all readers a fair warning: fangirling from the standing room queue ahead.


14 thoughts on ““Alcina” countdown: 6 days to go!”

      1. Huzzah! I wanted to make tshirts of it, only to discover that there are already oven mitts available. Maybe one day I’ll make something with my design for “I like sackbuts and I cannot lie.” Merch for a very select number of nerds.

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        1. we need to prep better for standing room queue-ing next time – but it should probably say “here for Handel that is too hot to Handel”. I’m also partial to a Semiramide screepcap of Bel raggio with “GSS fandom – actual depiction”. (I may have to post that later, actually 😉 )

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    1. I’ll ask you again after the 10th photo post of wall peeling of the standing room queue hall with seeing mezzo/soprano apparitions in the wallpaint…


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