Sound and Clouds and Thunder (132)

[Linda Perillo and Julia Gooding singing “Shepherd, Shepherd leave decoying” from Purcell’s “King Arthur”, with The English Concert under Trevor Pinnock. – Clip with thanks to Anton]

We will simply pretend these two shepherdesses headed their own warning and joined the Diana Club after this duet. – A small bit of beauty for week 132 (132!) and a reminder to treasure the chances (and use them at all turns) to carve our own narratives.

A timely reminder, too, as I traveled up to Dresden this weekend to see an old friend get married and get to be themselves, trying circumstances be damned (and with luck, I’ll catch some Handel on my way out tonight, since it’s only two hours over to Halle and I think a little concert detour is justified – more beauty! (also, hopefully more lady dueting).


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