White Skirt Wednesday: Shirtysium

[What I would actually pay a museum entrance fee for: a gaze at Catherine Naglestad in in a white shirt. – Catherine Naglestad (Carlotta) in Schreker’s “Die Gezeichneten” as staged by Barrie Kosky, Zurich 2018. – Photo Credit: the one and only Monika Rittershaus]

*screaming into pillow*

Really, make this a “Tosca” outfit and I’ll be lining up until evening #700 of the Wallmann staging. Then again, Naglestad overrides any kind of costume. Also, any kind of higher brain function I might have. I am still in despair over the Zurich “Fanciulla” not having been widely broadcast, though that impulse goes for much of Zurich’s programming at large.




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