Upcoming Liveblogs: Handel & Cavalli Baroque Double on Sun/Tue


[“Gay? As in merry?” – “No, gay as in yep-I-am. I figured between the dogs, outdoor sports, women-only bathing spaces and the white shirts/tunics, it was kind of obvious?” – Someone buy Diana a clue. (Also, it’s the 20 year anniversary of the Puppy Episode.)  Vivica Genaux (Diana) and Elena Tsallagova (Calisto) in Cavallis “La Calisto”, Strasbourg 2017. – Photo Credit: France3/Culturebox]

All the queer deities of Mt. Olympus will be smiling down upon us, according to Vivica Genaux, this upcoming Tuesday, May 2nd, with a livestream of Cavalli’s “La Calisto” in the recent Mariame Clément staging on Culturebox. The post mentions no hour yet, but since the live show starts at 8 p.m. (UTC+2), I’d say it’s a date. If anyone is interested in some additional information: Strasbourg has put their entire Pre-Opening talk with Genaux, Clément and Rousset on YT.
Caution: The show might be geoblocked, in which case we’ll have to postpone the liveblog until we hopefully get hold of a stream copy.

But before that, there is another date to attend, tomorrow, Sunday, April 30th, also at 8 p.m. (UTC+2) with Handel’s “Ariodante” in a concert performance from Carnegie Hall with DiDonato and Prina (aka HairGame Showdown!) that will be livestreamed on medici.tv.


Now this should be viewable with a free medici.tv account, but again, it could be unavailable (aka for paid users only). I say we meet up at the hour and see for ourselves whether we can get in. As always, White Shirts and adjacents invited to join in!


14 thoughts on “Upcoming Liveblogs: Handel & Cavalli Baroque Double on Sun/Tue”

      1. Deal! Now the question is, will they change stylings throughout the tour? Must keep detailed diary. And will enjoy the Strasbourg game introduction until tomorrow.

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        1. Detailed diary on the truly pertinent questions, yes. 😉 there might be some serious pompadour duel going on, now that I think of it.


    1. not all the time, for certain operas suddenly there’s geoblock.. but fingers crossed not on this one.
      (greetings from NY, very serious allergy.. the funny thing is my 2 friends are also heavily affected so we’re spending saturday indoor prepping ourselves for hairgame. just got the binocular tuned up and ready!)

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