White Skirt Wednesday: Friday Night Lights (and other livestreams)

Petibon Manon.png

[Queen of pretty much everything: Patricia Petibon, here as Massenet’s “Manon”, Geneva 2016. – Photo Credit: Grand Théâtre de Genève/Carole Parodi]

Remember how after that Opéra Comiqe anniversary concert, I grudgingly agreed that, for Petibon, I would even watch a “Manon” because she managed to make the character interesting and relatable? Well, guess what ARTE is livestreaming on Friday: the recent Geneva “Manon”, staged by long-time Petibon collaborator Olivier Py. (start time: 7.25 p.m., UTC+2) According to all reviews I read: do not miss!

So, I will be be eating humble pie and watch “Manon”. Not live, sadly, since I have to work Friday night, but I hope that ARTE will have the stream available on demand for a little longer. – Anyone up for a liveblog? There is nothing whiteshirtish about it, and it is definitely not Early Music, but, hey, Petibon.

Up next on the liveblog schedule – uncausal reminder – is the Paris “Mitridate” (2016) this Saturday at 9 p.m. UTC+2 (more Petibon! Plus Elysian Fields all around!) here on Eye Bags, to be followed next week by the new Amsterdam “Nozze di Figaro” in the Bösch staging with Christian Karg as Susanna and Marianne Crébassa as Cherubino.

Since ARTE seems to head into the new season at a 120%, there is also the new Verdi “Macbeth” of La Monnaie streaming on Sept. 23rd (also 7.25 p.m.), with a cast mostly unknown to me, but with Paolo Carignani at the helm, so it will definitely be worth a listen. Olivier Fredj’s staging is hailed as a “surreal nightmare”, so the vote is out whether it will be enlightening Dalí powers, or pretentious grittiness.

Meanwhile, in case your dance card is still sporting a free spot tonight, ARTE will stream the Scala junior production on Mozart’s “Magic Flute”. The singers (all part of the Scala Academy) are apparently so “junior” that ARTE did not bother with a cast listing, or wasn’t given one. The evening does come with two caveats: Adám Fischer is conducting, whose last Mozart take I heard live was, to put it kindly, rather underwhelming in this spring’s “Tito”, which may have been due to the overall lacklusterness of the event (I did enjoy previous Mozart takes of his, like the early 2000s Mannheim “Idomeneo”). Also, Peter Stein staged the evening (remember the last Salzburg “Don Carlos”? No? That’s why. – But other than much of what is going in at La Scala, Stein at least used to be cutthroat avantgarde in the 80s). Proceed at your own risk. Either way: supporting junior talent is always good, and I will check it out on those grounds.

Update on “Manon”, Sept. 23rd: ARTE cancleed the livestream because Geneva canceled the performance because Petibon is sick. ARTE has a previous night pre-taped, though, and has announced that it will make that take available next week. Thank you, ARTE (it seems I am truly not getting out of my Manon-watching). And a speedy recovery to Petibon, of course.

5 thoughts on “White Skirt Wednesday: Friday Night Lights (and other livestreams)”

  1. oh, speaking of live stream, from radio, the Nozze di Figaro from Amsterdam (i think, with Karg) is on today live.. link on worldconcerthall –> should be linked to np4 radio i think..


    1. Right now, probably more hot tea – but other than that, standing offer of beer. Not sure you caught the update on the livestream having been canceled? But I am looking forward to the previously recorded take they probably planned to use for backup. And I really have to commend ARTE for offering to make it available.



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